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Thoughts to be Continued…..

Hello, I think am revamping my blog for nth time… I used to see most of the blogs of my friends, clients or some externals they are stabilized on contents and give new appeals. Because blog should be personal or commercial as depends.. But, like seasonal my thoughts also changing because as a human being read more »

Irritating Brahmin and his Coffee Shop !!!

Last week,  my friend and me went for an mess come hotel in west mambalam..usually, we went there for buying lunch.. hotel owner has too much of noise, like ” Adha Eduthu Ithula Podu, Itha Eduthu Athula Podu”, nothing as work but just voice, as simple he is “AGMARK, ISO Labelled Brahmin”.. On that day read more »

Superstitious of People | God is No Where

Almost 99% of the world is surrounded by superstitious people..Even on all matters i faced, hurted..etc….some examples, * Dont see the Cresent(moondram pirai), If you see your life will be like dogs life…But, in most of the home compare to childrens dogs are so special.. * Trusting God / Faith in God * Dont have read more »

Business Meeting @ Bangalore…..

In last blogging i shared the past day of my life….And the day was passed, i started for my business meeting with NOKIA and his client at Bangalore.. The different verticals of people and the market place..even it was a good experience.. The day started very late, because while compared to chennai, bangalore was too read more »

Love Makes Life Beautiful, But Lover makes………

I had business trip to Bangalore on last week, the name bangalore makes more smiles on my faces..because, my future relationship is waiting for me there…Its good and pleasant after some months.. Before that, my business trip was quite good and had a great experience with new people and new languages..   It was a day programme, read more »

India’s New Trend – Fasting !!!

பல வேடிக்கை  மனிதர்களை போல,  நானும் வீழ்வேன் என்று நினைத்தாயோ !!!   Now a days,  India is most familiar and make more revenue on fasting…. From Small babies to Old Aged make this trend as possible to acquire anything for the reasons… For corruption,  people started fasting..If government not support again some person started fasting… What the read more »

Gandhi is No More !!!

இந்தியன்  என்று சொல்லுடா, தலை நிமர்ந்து நில்லடா …..  Either to be funny or TRP rating they can make us some videos as like below…But, we have to worry about the people doesnt have basic knowledge about our Country, no need of getting deep knowledge on politics atleast every citizen should know about our freedom struggle, Independence day, read more »

Single Tea

The one and only person working on time is our office tea boy..Sharp 10:30 on morning and 3:30 on evening.. even he mixed more of water than milk, we accepted here because on stress free, need some hot to be enter on that time..  this routine works passed more than 2 years… Yesterday around 3:00 read more »

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