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Almost 99% of the world is surrounded by superstitious people..Even on all matters i faced, hurted..etc….some examples,

* Dont see the Cresent(moondram pirai), If you see your life will be like dogs life…But, in most of the home compare to childrens dogs are so special..

* Trusting God / Faith in God

* Dont have food sharp at 6:00pm, if you have then god lakshmi will not come to our home and Giant (devil) have all your food.

* If cat crossing, so many pocket answers are avaliable..useless fellows

* Lizard, its slip down on us..Thats it…For each body parts they have an ready made answers…Entha Paradesi potan intha rules…

* Tie-knot on Lemon in New Bikes..with more of Sandals…

* Going for Temple on Birthday and wasting time and money..Instead go to some orphanage and help some childrens..

* Keeping Books on Saraswathi Pooja..Even kept maths book students getting fail… God will not come and give power for you to write..If you are confidence then you can…You are the solution for all matters.. Dont search it out..

* Dont sleep after lightening in home

* Broke pumpkins on the road

* Applying Turmeric on new shirts

* Sticking Donkey Photos, Fox Photos on home Entrance..

* Keeping God Photos on Purse & Book for getting more

* Keep some beard (all useless fellows will ask love failure) who dropped all the rules..

* Slaughtering Goats and Cows

* All days are good days, All time are good time..Then why people seeing good time and good day for all matters.. They them self will find and they them self will find mistakes out of it and the day which remains good today will turn bad tomorrow..

* Very Special is that some of the brahmins, Atrocities these guys do are too much, Can’t bare it..They are the real superstitious people…

* Naming a child after the Saint to which the day is dedicated

* Of course, beware of broken mirrors.

* If you hear an owl hoot, someone will die.

* Knock on wood 3 times if you say something positive so as not to jinx yourself.

* Don’t have anything to do with the number 13 or 666.

* If any crows shouted, some body will come.. (Foolish Comedies)

—-I can tell u about 10,000 more (literally)= Don’t get me started

Above are very very few…lot of things to be share…


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