Irritating Brahmin and his Coffee Shop !!!


Last week,  my friend and me went for an mess come hotel in west mambalam..usually, we went there for buying lunch.. hotel owner has too much of noise, like ” Adha Eduthu Ithula Podu, Itha Eduthu Athula Podu”, nothing as work but just voice, as simple he is “AGMARK, ISO Labelled Brahmin”..

On that day before we stayed in office for some works, not even blink the eyes on the whole morning around 8am we little tired so went for that hotel for a coffee…Hotel is fully crowded, too much of people wandering from end to end with plates…we asked token for a coffee..

Then, we moved to the counter, generally my friend have start discussing on corresponding to the place, as usual we started talking, suddenly another Agmark fellow with tuft, came to the counter and shown the  token for coffee…

That coffee master collected three tokens, and took three cups..Then he added quarter coffee powder in two cups and half on step is milk, just half of the glass milk with sugar..he asked us to mixed and take the cups..But, for the other man he filled the cup even that milk overflowed and added more on saucer… then he mixed everything, took the cup and gave to him..because he is brahmin, but we are humans that’s the only difference.

We are also paying money, but the serve and treating is entirely diff from people to people…

May be in future, some of this brahmins hotel, will put a board “Brahmins only allowed, others are not humans in this world..”

Real Irritating Idiots……

Why this Variations ? , not only here, i experienced and suffered on most of the places..even my friend too… Ridiculous people on most of the places…

Some of the brahmins are making attrocities, thought they are the one falling from the sky with 1000 eyes, 1000 hearts and more of disciplines. They are not seeing the people, not the humanity..they are also one of the reason to split the human using the community…

“Dont waste the life of trusting invisible gods, trust the whom Living With You”…

God couldnt give single rice to eat, but the human can production the tonnes of rice”..

Don’t be superstitious for general things in your life..

For more details, click here 

Above are very very few…lot of things to be share..

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