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The one and only person working on time is our office tea boy..Sharp 10:30 on morning and 3:30 on evening.. even he mixed more of water than milk, we accepted here because on stress free, need some hot to be enter on that time..  this routine works passed more than 2 years…

Yesterday around 3:00 pm, i got some important call, so just moved out from my desk and speak…. i was on call for more than 15 mins……while speaking some sounded calling bell i was heard…..Our office security drop his latti and went his place where he kept all his dresses and boxes.. he surfed the place for more than 5-10 mins…

Finally he selected one big mug out of 3 cups..He smiled on his success. On very proud, he make him more comfortable that he attained the big success in his life.. Then he washed the cup with some powder and moved fast to his desk.  Again he started searching something, i confused what he is doing?  I thought of asking, but i didnt do it…

Surprisingly watched all the actions of security.. Again a big smile on his face with full excitement..because he got some added sugar in his bag which kept near generator room…I smiled silently..



Then, the tea boy entered in our office, the security on attention and said “Vanakkam Thalaivare”, the guy respond hmmm hmmm.. The total office was on risk at 3:30pm for that idiotic tea but we were in the need…

Am keenly watching the security,  he hold the cup tightly on his hand for enjoying the tea. I dont know why is he so much of interesting on this tea.. As on every minute once,  he went to the entrance of office and back to his seat. In his seat,  he holded the cup and waited for single tea for more than 15 mins with full tensed.. Because, that day some people excessed in our office,  chance of missing the tea…but, he never lose up the confidence..He was so strong on getting that tea…

At last, the tea guy came out and directly went to take his cycle.. But, security without talking anything he shown the mug to that guy for tea with so much of yearning in his simple the guy open the jug and shown…His 1000s of reactions makes that guy to ask sorry..

Security says, hard work pays…but not in my case…tea guy replied, some times we have to be  patience and go in your life without any expectation..

Almost  loss of the entire life for this  single tea…security said, my wife is not well i dont have money to get at least this single i waited from 12…

No replied from guy…he down the head and went away… Security went to motor room and open the pipe….

Some times and for some people,  water makes history of life….

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  • September 17, 2011 - 2:53 pm | Permalink

    Poor Country.

    Poor citizens.

    Rich get Richer, Poor get Poor.

    Nice dramatically experiences.

  • September 17, 2011 - 2:57 pm | Permalink

    Why didnt you sacrifice ur single tea to that poor fella, eppadiyum ulla poitu andha aari pona tea a kudichurupa, atleast u could have given him 5 bucks to have good single tea outside, but u were simply doing romance over phone and parallely watching this poor mans starving for single tea.

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