Night Life @ D5 Marina Police Station




It’s Saturday Night, from 8:30 to 10:00pm we are planning to go for a movie, two hours of discussion only for selecting the movie..somebody in our team would like to go for Kazhugoo, some one for arjun movie and aravaan.  Suddenly the time was around 10:15,  we shocked then one of my friend Naren drive very harshly and disturbed the entire public about 15mins just for movie. Then finally we reached theater, again the discussion starts from the stage..

Me and my friend Bala got fed up and stand separately and keep on watching the hot discussion between two of our friends Velu and Naren selecting the movies, even the show time started, they never mind..still discussing..Almost 10:30pm, they decided to cancelled the movie.. we got hard core tensed and i asked then why the hell came here with so much of harsh?

Totally 5 of our team in the car, Velu is so adamant on Arjun Movie, Naren is not having a bit of  interest on that movie, he suggested Aravaan. Me and bala mentally prepared for anything. And the final is Sudhakar, not interested to join with us for movie, he seprately planned to spend valuable time with his wife and two childrens for 3hours . so, he thought of dropped in theater and picked up after 3 hours..

Due to useless plan and discussion, all put sands on his plan. So much of life philosophy, strategies, problems, understanding, fights all went on car till reaching sudhakar’s wife home. Once reached, after 10 mins of time again we all started from her home including sudhakar.

1st plan successfully dropped, then 2nd plan started…

Time is almost 11:00pm, so every body is hungry..Again discussion started..Where we have to dinner, Bala said one place, then naren suggested other place..But, finally concluded by sudhakar as ambattur.  The place where all the hotels, restaurant, chat items at one nest, we select and pick up what we want.

Finally we reached, again the confusion started, Andhra Meals or Briyani or Pizza or North Indian Foods, about 30 mins of discussion we finally got one shop for dinner. we finished half of the stomach, then sudhakar’s wife got to know that sudhakar having food on corporate hotel. She tensed…For convinced her he brought some chickens in KFC..That’s it !!!

Then we all move to her home, then he gave the packed items and again the plan started..

Either go to office, home or beach…

Now, the screen finally entered in to beach…Time is almost 1:00 am. We reached marina beach..

We 5 members and only one car in the 2nd world largest beach..just imagine no body is there. so much of dark,  amazing air, beautiful planets on the sky, light house rays, sands breeze.

About 10 mins i spoke to my girl friend in bangalore, then we all sit together and discuss about science, cinema, technology, especially wanted and un wanted informations for a hr.. Suddenly we saw one person from the long distance coming on cycle with so much of dark, It’s a pin drop silence, no sounds, but air makes some thrilling noise…some beach people slept nicely at all the places with covering heads.. we have the only light, that is star..No lights, thrilling sounds are increased on background..

While the person coming near by, then we relaxed because he is the tea guy..all had nice tea and we asked any police trouble will come for staying here. He said no sir,  if you are local people then police will not be disturbed..then we are comfortable..

Just few mins gone, from the long a motor cycle coming slowly and caught three people wandered there.. we sharply noticed they are cops. About 10 mins of discussion, the cops got all those people to station.. Then, our friend velu said better we will start now, for this statement every body is commented, especially naren.

while sitting , our head counts easily makes cops to we all acting like sleeping on the beach…silent sleep and all the eyes are keep on rotating and watching the things going around us.  Fresh Air, Sand Breeze, noise of dogs, stars lighting, and of 2 kms from the place funeral is going on..All sounds make some vibrations, in that cops also joined and wandering over the beach..

Already cops caught some of three person and went police station for enquiry, that time velu passed a comment on starting immediately from the place. But, no body respond. we thought nothing will happen to us, because we not drink or not doing any un wanted things on beach..we just sit and talking on the moon no light… so, we have over confidence.. The crime is no one should not enter in to beach after 11pm, but we all entered at 1:00 am..

We thought all escaped, not even a single min gone..Police bike closing near by us..For each and every sec all commented..we locked…because of one and only reason our car is parked outside..we can hide some where or mingle with some people who is sleeping..but we could not hide the car. They shouted and come near by us..

We all keep on watching the questions raised by police..What’s the time? What doing here? Where are you from? Had Drinks? without breathe two of the police keep on asking questions..We said, our office at ashok nagar, just came for beach to discuss about the development of business.. Beach is very dangerous area at midnight, no one could give assurance to the life. so much of  guys are wandering with knife, if they come and murder what we could, better we file a case on each people and the fine is Rs.750/- person.. They took to the D5 Marina Police station..

So much of excitement on seeing the police station, Jail, enquiry, etc…etc…had good experience..We 5 entered in to police station around 2am, Wanted list tagged on wall, small guy caught and enquired, thats the time we place all our foot on the station, very first question, had Drinks? Wat doing at this time..Same questions repeating…We said, nothing sir just discussing about business..Why on beach? go to 5 star, 3 star, 2 star hotel..

Why came and make us also in trouble..We said sir we are not worth of putting cases and all.We had lot of influence on escaping  but we not used anything..Bala parents are working in Commissioner Office and am having the press reporter card, even no one had drinks because we don’t have that habit. so lot of positives from our end the only problem is late night on beach.

So, the writer sir opened the case book and called every one and getting the basic details of  Name, address, parents name, mole on body, then signature.  Then they said dont repeat the same..we all said, Thank you Sir one by one.. But some interesting incidents are happened in the station, if mole is not seeing properly police asked us to remove the shirt and shown the body..because he said everyone in this world have mole on body..Good doctor it seems or had better experience.

Once we came out, we known that every night there’s a target of police to fill the case list, or simply called as Night Shift Marketing.. Then we moved from the car to office, while going we have ice creams..Perfect taste on ice cream when we had at midnight, i think the time is around 3:00 am. The car is fastly moved to office location ashok nagar, but before going to office we went tea shop and had nice tea.

The next plan starts,

Before going to office, we all sit together under Ashok Pillar and had some discussions..

Again police jeep came with siren..Again we all walked out…

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