India’s New Trend – Fasting !!!


பல வேடிக்கை  மனிதர்களை போல,  நானும் வீழ்வேன் என்று நினைத்தாயோ !!!


Now a days,  India is most familiar and make more revenue on fasting….

From Small babies to Old Aged make this trend as possible to acquire anything for the reasons…

For corruption,  people started fasting..If government not support again some person started fasting… What the hell going on now a days..

In our country only,  people fasting for support for the existing fasting.

Concept is good, but the implementation to attain the reasons spoiled the entire thing… Some funny people make this as possible..

Am not saying the reasons behind that, but thats makes new trend…


For make government on pocket,  some  Political party with support of  Social Activers they started fasting…Thats the thing happened…

Once in a while, there’s the reason..Now, its a chain of action in our country…All people spoiled the respect of Fasting…


Even,  government agreed for their reasons, they will not stop..Make the first success as strong foundation and start fasting for all the needs..

For corruption, people start fasting…For Prisoners, people start fasting…For any cases, People Start fasting…For salary issues for the employees they started fasting.. If decision and higher authority people not supported for their fasting..Suddenly some people born and started fasting to support for their fasting..


As simple, our Dr.MGR, Mr.Kamarajar..Why so current our most respect and living legend Dr.Adbul Kalam sir, till my knowledge i dont know whether he fasted for any reasons..He spoon the needs and importance of our country to all our INDIANS, especially youngsters..  Thats the power of Man and Respect.. No one in our country did such great thing like our Abdul Kalam…Proud to be an INDIAN.



But, now the new and useless trend started by some people…  Who knows, in our future:


* Students Will start fasting against teachers / lectured for less marks / failed in subjects

* Business People will start fasting for getting money from clients

* Employess start fasting for salary hike and also if manager asks any question about his work

* Fans will start fasting for releasing low budget and non-commercial films

* Finally, Bank people will start fasting against people depositing less cheques and cash transactions in their bank

* Now, people so aware that, any thing needs from government better fasting..


Finally, Solution for one fasting is another fasting…

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