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Superstitious of People | God is No Where

Almost 99% of the world is surrounded by superstitious people..Even on all matters i faced, hurted..etc….some examples, * Dont see the Cresent(moondram pirai), If you see your life will be like dogs life…But, in most of the home compare to childrens dogs are so special.. * Trusting God / Faith in God * Dont have read more »

Style of Motivation – Poonam Pandey

  Am searching dictionary for the term Motivation, But the Model Poonam shown the different and simple way… No words to Say about our Indian Cricket Team or BCCI, Lot of ways to encourage the team members, then why should media, cricket team or cricket board encouraged the model.  The hell news is , for inspiring and read more »

Gandhi is No More !!!

இந்தியன்  என்று சொல்லுடா, தலை நிமர்ந்து நில்லடா …..  Either to be funny or TRP rating they can make us some videos as like below…But, we have to worry about the people doesnt have basic knowledge about our Country, no need of getting deep knowledge on politics atleast every citizen should know about our freedom struggle, Independence day, read more »