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Superstitious of People | God is No Where

Almost 99% of the world is surrounded by superstitious people..Even on all matters i faced, hurted..etc….some examples, * Dont see the Cresent(moondram pirai), If you see your life will be like dogs life…But, in most of the home compare to childrens dogs are so special.. * Trusting God / Faith in God * Dont have read more »

Engeyo Partha Mayakkam Movie Stills

Engeyo Partha Mayakkam, Value the Person, When they are With You !!! Teaser Releasing Soon!!! Share this:

Love is more than saying “I Love you”

Love is more than saying “I Love you”. Every couple can learn a lot from this beautiful pair. In these days lots of couple are getting divorced for silly reasons. It is very easy to say I love you, I love you for ever, I will be with you forever, I will die for you, read more »

With My Team at Life Fit Gym & Fitness Center Opening

I had a good time with my team on last week, which we were on the opening ceremony of Life Fit Gym & Fitness Center, Chennai.. We went and back in Mr.Sudhakar’s Honda City Car…Long Travel, heavy traffics, Beautiful songs in FM, funny discussions on car. Mr.Kathir who planned for long years and after the read more »

Please Save a Girl Child !!!

Please Save a Girl Child – Must Read & Share !!! PLEASE SHARE THIS NAKED TRUTH Aborted Female infant with Placenta in waste dump…..r we living in a modern world……? Really, i worried of watching this still, Dont know the exact hell happening behind this image. Girl Childs are more treasurer and precious in this read more »

Meaning of Life !!!

Every one life is puzzled and more curiosity to know the happening of next sec..But, i searched on wiki, google nothing found the real meaning of life….Finally my colleague shared a mail with single image implies the meaning of life.. thought of sharing here….   Life on Single Image, Share this:

Engeyum Eppodhum – Journey of Every One’s Life Time !!!

Two days back, i have watched Engeyum Eppodhum Movie on big screen. I couldnt breathe for a min after the climax,  such a amazing and subjectable story after Angadi Theru. The both movie added in my All Time Fav List..  The film started and ended with an accident, where two buses crash at each other read more »

My Business trip to Mumbai for NOKIA Annual Partners Meeting

I had a good business trip to Mumbai for NOKIA Annual Partners Meeting., where NOKIA launched Tej 2.0 version on the event with the detailed demo.  At the end of the session, comfortable on good business model where it enables business to manage your orders using your Nokia mobile phone or computer, and also helps read more »

This is not publicity or disguise fasting like Hazare….

This is not publicity or disguise fasting like Hazare….       She is Irom Sharmila Chanu….has been fasting for the past 11 years… She has not eaten anything, or drunk a single drop of water since November 4, 2000 demanding the Government of India to withdraw the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958 (AFSPA) from read more »