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My Clicks – Sun Lights

I took this sun lighting rays near gandhinagar club… Recent Clicks  Share this:

Team Outing – My Clicks at Kovalam, Mahabalipuram

We went in ford figo with bala family and in Sudhakar Honda city with our team to Kovalam and mahabalipuram last week. My Recent Clicks, Share this:

My Recent Clicks

Hi, Last month back i took this shot near by my office….. My Recent Clicks Share this:

Sabarimala Magarajothi – Fraud Jothi !!!

Sabarimala Magarajothi – Fraud Jothi !!! Thanks to Nakeeran, to create some awareness among the people who trusted this jothy on the mountain.. Some of the people are playing with the superstitious of people.. Hundreds of people are died because of seeing this light in the crowds Please, watch this video and think how long our people read more »

Irritating Brahmin and his Coffee Shop !!!

Last week,  my friend and me went for an mess come hotel in west mambalam..usually, we went there for buying lunch.. hotel owner has too much of noise, like ” Adha Eduthu Ithula Podu, Itha Eduthu Athula Podu”, nothing as work but just voice, as simple he is “AGMARK, ISO Labelled Brahmin”.. On that day read more »