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India’s New Trend – Fasting !!!

பல வேடிக்கை  மனிதர்களை போல,  நானும் வீழ்வேன் என்று நினைத்தாயோ !!!   Now a days,  India is most familiar and make more revenue on fasting…. From Small babies to Old Aged make this trend as possible to acquire anything for the reasons… For corruption,  people started fasting..If government not support again some person started fasting… What the read more »

Gandhi is No More !!!

இந்தியன்  என்று சொல்லுடா, தலை நிமர்ந்து நில்லடா …..  Either to be funny or TRP rating they can make us some videos as like below…But, we have to worry about the people doesnt have basic knowledge about our Country, no need of getting deep knowledge on politics atleast every citizen should know about our freedom struggle, Independence day, read more »

Single Tea

The one and only person working on time is our office tea boy..Sharp 10:30 on morning and 3:30 on evening.. even he mixed more of water than milk, we accepted here because on stress free, need some hot to be enter on that time..  this routine works passed more than 2 years… Yesterday around 3:00 read more »

Am @ Inbox 1305 Celebrations

That’s an wonderful evening,  where all the celebrities get together on Park Sheraton Hotel for the Life style magazine Inbox 1305 3rd Anniversary Celebrations.  As a telecom partner for the magazine, we got a closer chance to interact with celebrities like Hansika Motwani,  Srikanth,  Harris Jayaraj, Sibiraj,Parthiban, Nikhil Murugan, yugi sethu, Aishwarya Rajinikanth and so read more »

Well, Start up on Independence Day

First in my life time i had a patriotic experience on 65th Independence Day.  Morning 8:30, it seems…Myself, Sudhakar and Bala we were all together on St.George Court for celebrating the Flag Hosting and the awards ceremony headed by our Proud and Honorable TN CM Jayalalitha.  Un beleivable, the crowds presented there…the school childrens, college guys, read more »